Demanding justice for carers – Carer Watch

Hampshire LRC fully support Carer Watch’s campaign to end carer poverty and think it is totally unacceptable that carers, who play such a vital role in our communities, are not supported adequately, either within the care system or financially.

Hampshire LRC will do all that they can to support the call by Carer Watch to demand that the coalition government makes clear its intentions for the Carers Allowance, and if it is going to be incorporated into the proposed Universal Credit system.

We believe the government should undertake an immediate review of carers benefits and raise those benefits to a living wage. We also believe that provisions should be put in place for local authorities to provide adequate access to support, should carers need a break or help to carry out their job.

With an ageing population it is even more vital that the government reviews this situation as soon as possible:  an increasing number of working people are going to be forced into poverty in order to care for loved ones – the government must act now.

Hampshire LRC urges individuals and organisations through-out our communities to support Carer Watch’s demands and to offer words of support by emailing them or visiting their website. Please consider doing all that you can to raise awareness by writing to your MP, local councillors and by telling your friends about this issue. To find out more about Carer Watch, visit their website and download their briefing.

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2 Responses to Demanding justice for carers – Carer Watch

  1. Bobby Noyes says:

    Without the largely invisible work of carers, the NHS and local government would have to pay out millions more. We must not let the ConDems turn their backs on these overworked and underacknowledged people. Family ties and love should not be super-exploited in the way our society does.

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